Stop Annexation

If you have any questings, please contact the Mayor, councilmembers, or the City Manager.

After twenty years of the annexation process and approximately over $1 million in cost to the city, the city council at last night’s special meeting approved the Annexation Interlocal Agreement with the County by a 5-0 vote. The next step is for the Board of County Commissioners to discuss and approve the interlocal at their next board meeting in early November. The main issue of contention is the mitigation payment included in the agreement for all four cities. The cities will ask that the mitigation be removed so that we can lower the millage rate as much as possible. We have committed to a rate next year of 3.7000 mills, assuming there is no mitigation. We have also committed to keep reducing millage in future years for all of our residents and business owners in our city and the new annex area. At this rate, we are proposing a multi-year, multi-million-dollar capital investment plan for the annex area to include police, a new police substation, stormwater improvements to reduce flooding, street and road improvements, landscaping and much more. We will provide additional updates as we move along the process over the next few weeks.

If you have any questions, please contact the Mayor, councilmembers, or the City Manager.

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