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February 3rd, 2023

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

The county is mailing this survey below. Please be on the lookout for it. Make sure to vote NO as Miami Springs continues to forcefully attempt to annex our area! 

Please check the box that says: "I oppose annexation".

November 18th, 2022

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

We secured a great victory on November 15th at County Hall thanks to some fair and courageous county commissioners and the unity of our property owners, small and medium sized businesses and our employee associates.  We escaped a hostile, unfair, undemocratic and unwanted annexation of our properties and businesses by Miami Springs.   

That victory will provide us a choice about the way things proceed. However, this time it will be OUR choice.  We will fight with all of our power to prevent any annexation of our properties that denies us a vote.  Self-determination and the right to vote are fundamentally American.  In fact, our great nation was founded on such principles. 

Thank you again for your support of what was truly a tremendous group effort.  We trust our victory will soon rally many others to our cause (even some who never thought we’d get this done).  We’ll move forward together to find a proper place for our properties, businesses and employees to call home. Whether it remains unincorporated Miami-Dade County, or not, will largely depend on our collective desires and consent.  Let’s continue to stay strong and united so that we keep on winning.  Please keep coming back here for the latest updates.

The following commissioners voted against the annexation by Miami Springs:

We would like to thank the following commissioners for their support in voting no to the first reading of the interlocal agreement with Miami Springs.

They are the following:

  1. Sally Heyman
  2. Eileen Higgins
  3. Keon Hardemon
  4. René Garcia
  5. Danielle Cohen Higgins
  6. Javier Souto
  7. Jean Monestime

Please send our County commissioners who supported us a letter of appreciation.

Their contact information can be found here: Board of County Commissioners (

We thank them for their support, and we couldn’t have reached this stage without them.

  • Please continue sending all of our County Commisioners a letter of why annexation to Miami Springs should be stopped.
  • Please continue to log back here for continuous updates.

The following commissioners voted for annexation of Miami Springs:

The following commissioners voted yes to the first reading of the interlocal agreement with Miami Springs.

They are the following:

  1. Jose “Pepe” Diaz
  2. Rebecca Sosa
  3. Oliver Gilbert III
  4. Raquel Regalado
  5. Kionne McGhee

Why annexation does not make sense:

  • Geography: Not adjacent territories. Only connected by a railroad-crossing on a back road along the Miami River.
  • Demography: Completely different communities with different needs and economic activities. 98% residential versus 100% commercial/industrial.
  • Democracy: Against the will of the people as property owners in affected area oppose the annexation. Arbitrary decision without social, economic or demographic study to support it. Miami Dade County is the only county in the entire state of Florida where a hostile takeover like the one Miami Springs is attempting could even be contemplated without a vote of the property owners being subjugated to the annexation. It’s taxation without representation pure and simple.
  • Promises made, but no guarantee they will be kept Miami Springs is making promises of a reduced millage rate upon annexation. The problem with that is there is nothing written in the proposed interlocal agreement and we, the property owners, aren’t allowed any say in the negotiations they have had with the County about OUR property.
  • Legality: Sole purpose of annexation is access to tax revenue which current mileage rate is 6.91% , more than triple*. No services to offer. M.S. uses fire rescue services from the County (Station #35) and Station #17 currently services affected area.
** Property taxes on affected territory would nearly double under Miami Springs millage (6.91).**

miami springs annexation

Send pregenerated forms opposing annexation to our elected officials:


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MEGA TV - Hoy con Tomás Regalado. Stop-Annexation Coverage.

Four Miami-Dade Municipalities Considering Annexation

NBC 6 July 7, 2022 6:17 pm

Several cities in Miami-Dade are looking to annex unincorporated areas to their cities. NBC 6’s Steve Litz speaks to local leaders and business owners about the possible change.

Miami Dade da luz verde proyecto de incorporar a Miami Spring un área comercial

TELEMUNDO 51 July 7, 2022 7:29 pm

Con 7 votos a favor y 5 en contra los comisionados de Miami Dade le dieron luz verde al proyecto de incorporar a la ciudad de Miami Spring 1.9 millas de un área comercial adyacente que se ha venido debatiendo hace casi 20 años.

Proposal would split up part of unincorporated Miami-Dade County

CBS Miami July 7, 2022 7:51 pm

Some mayors and city officials say this annexation makes sense and that it will provide services such as fire rescue, police and more.

Negociantes de Miami-Dade se oponen a la adición de terrenos comerciales en varias ciudades por los impuestos

Univision July 7, 2022 6:17 pm

Luego de que la comisión del condado aprobara con siete votos a favor y cinco en contra la adición de terrenos comerciales e industriales, los negociantes mostraron su descontento y alegan que tendrían que pagar más impuestos. “Estamos hablando de un aumento de más del 350% en los impuestos de la propiedad”, afirma Melissa Uribe Gil, negociante de la zona. El paso a seguir es que Miami Springs, Doral, Medley y Virginia Gardens tendrán que presentar propuestas claras en una próxima reunión.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed it's the only thing that ever has.

No law can give me the right to do what is wrong.


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Latest News

Dear Friends & Neighbors,

Thank you to all that attended last Friday’s rally at The Tank.  We did garner some significant local TV coverage – see videos.

Look, I know this isn’t easy.  We’ve been at this a long time.  Nearly 18 years.  However, all we need to do is fight hard for 2 weeks and this thing will be over – one way or the other.  So many of you have contributed time, money and effort.  Let’s not let all of that go to waste because we didn’t make the effort in the last 2 minutes of the game!


As of now, County attorneys are drafting the interlocal agreements. Commissioners must approve each agreement to effectuate new city boundaries. Since no area contains the requisite number or share of voters, no vote by the public will be considered. The next commission hearing could happen at any time.

Here are actions YOU can take to help our efforts to prevent this annexation from happening:

1. Rally your business neighbors to our cause and have them register.

2. Call and email each County Commissioner and let them know you are 100% against annexation by Miami Springs. Tell them the hardship their businesses already face without being forced into Miami Springs against their will. Here’s a link to ALL commissioner’s contact information; Board of County Commissioners. Here is how the latest vote went through with 7 in favor of annexation and 5 against.

7 Who Voted in Favor:

  1. Jose “Pepe” Diaz
  2. René García
  3. Oliver Gilbert III,
  4. Keon Hardemon,
  5. Kionne McGhee
  6. Raquel Regalado
  7. Rebecca Sosa

5 Who voted against:

  1. Danielle Cohen Higgins,
  2. Sally Heyman
  3. Jean Monestime
  4. Javier Souto
  5. Joe Martinez

Absent vote:

Eileen Higgins

Right now, the County and Miami Springs are drafting an interlocal agreement that will be heard in a first reading, and then a second reading, when the final vote and decision will be taken. Now is the time to take action.

3. Set aside monies and be ready to contribute to other politicians we support and to help finance our anti-annexation efforts.

4. Be ready to act quickly and mobilize when they receive notifications from us regarding hearings and meetings of the County. Be present at the hearings as they can come at any time in October.

5. Reach out to any news outlets to tell them our story. Send letters to the editor of The Miami Herald. Get involved with the press.

Here is the latest press releases:

New, Incoming Commissioners Should Vote on Miami Springs’ Annexation | Miami’s Community News


Write to us: